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The Hub of My Final Project

Posted in ECI Final Project by tchcruiser on November 28, 2009
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Thanks to some comments and feedback and the chance to “think outloud” about what I really wanted for my project, I have decided to use a wiki format as the main hub for all my work, and then branch out from there to my blog for the reflective pieces, links to resources, etc. I am finding my time this weekend putting some meat to the site has been fairly easy going and wikispaces is quite easy to work with. However, with that said, I am finding it does have its limitations – namely that I am unable to find easy ways to move text and pictures around the page and have been frustrated at times with that. I think the only way around it is to select the alignment for the picture and text separately. Too bad they did not have text boxes that could then more easily wrap around images. 😦

Here is the link to what I have designed so far –

If any of you have a few minutes to provide some feedback as to what you think might be improved (other than getting some content onto most of the pages!) I would welcome any feedback. I set it for PUBLIC so that anyone is welcome to edit each page – please add any links or resources you know of that apply to each area and let me know what you think so far. It is a mammoth project, I am finding out, and clearly the first steps in a career-long endeavour. But you have to start somewhere, and it is in this project where I can see the benefits of SHARING and COLLABORATION as others come in, give a bit of what they know, and take also what they can.

If you know of any other similar sites that might be a resource for me to look at for formatting ideas, ways to display links, document files, etc, I would love to see them. My idea is to try and get not only static links, but also embed some media on as many of the pages as I can. This will be my ongoing work now, as it feels like it is set up roughly the way I want it for now…. until I see something better and get ideas from other places. I really wanted to add images to each page to help bring in some interest rather than just links, as that is boring. That took A LOT of time – much more than I thought it was going to. But I also am easily distracted by all the amazing art work out there!

Wish me luck!

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  1. gottsela said,

    This looks great! I feel for you when working with the wiki – it is very difficult to change the appearance of text and graphics. I am finding that it takes a lot of time to properly adjust what I want.
    I look forward to seeing how this progresses for you! Good luck!

    • tchcruiser said,

      Thanks… I did not find it so much difficult as limiting in the sense that you could only place images and text in certain spots – left, centre or right… less chance to make mistakes, but not always as creative. Good thing I prefer less clutter and simple design anyway. And I can’t get too carried away with the prettiness of it and not get to the content – which tends to happen to students sometimes, don’t you find??? I actually prefered the wiki over the blog- I thought there was more ways to control how the pages and links and site was set up. 🙂 I know your bball kids will take it and run with it and make it their own once they get a chance to add content and play with it a bit!!!

      • starkg said,

        I also have been having trouble withthe text formatting. One minute it is fine, the next it looks totally different! You put a space in, the wiki takes it out – very frustrating… However – your site looks great! I love the choice of pictures and the logo!

        I also apprecite the link to my fraction site on the math page. Thanks for the plug!


  2. Amy said,

    Hi Denise, I looked around your wiki and it looks so great! I love the arts ed place! Your pictures are great! I really like the part on you….you have links to your blogs and where to reach you. Great idea! you have been working hard. I will go over it and do a proof read! but keep up the great work!~

  3. Amy said,

    Sorry I i wrote Denise….I mean Delise! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. Caroline Gillies said,

    Hi Delise,

    Thank you for sharing your blog and postings with me and the world. I think it is great that you are working on a professional online presence. This is going to be a great tool for not only yourself but to others(such as me!). I will look at my resources and other blogs and wikis which I follow and share related ones with you.

    I enjoyed the video of ’21st century learners’ and would love every administartor to share it at a staff meeting, and listen to the discussions after it. What an impact, and so very true….what would we want our son/daughter to learn?

    I look forward to reading more and following your blog and wiki.

  5. Looks really great Delise! I’ll be linking to your wiki from my PDGW blog. Also, the invitation to join in on mine is coming soon…

  6. Bettina Welsh said,

    Great start, looking forward to seeing the rest. Yes, we have gotten formatting spoiled, wiki’s are kind of fickle!! Thanx, Bettina Welsh

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